Erection talk gets mum killed


PONDAKO Village in Lundazi District has today woken up to an erie silence and sombre mood following the killing of a mother whose efforts to urge her son to improve his bedroom performance earned her a fatal beating.

In this matter confirmed by Geza Lungu, Eastern Province Commissioner of Police, Justina Mwandila, 67 a renowned marriage counsellor also called iMbusa in some cultures was beaten to death with a hoe by her 43-year-old son Alfred Nyirongo after she approached her son and urged him to reduce beer drinking as his wife was complaining of bedroom starvation.

However, Alfred did not take kindly to his mother poking her nose in the most intimate of his failures and picked a hoe with which he ploughed the mother’s head to death.

However, alert members of the public apprehended erectless Nyirongo and used the same hoe he killed his mother with to discipline him.

Though Nyirongo survived the community beating, he has been detained in police custody awaiting transfer to prison where it is yet not known how fellow male prisoners will treat him especially that he can’t have an erection himself.

©Kalemba March 6, 2021


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