Chingola sex workers battle Golddiggers


CHINGOLA’S commercial sexual practioners have launched a campaign to expel goldiggers from neighbouring Copperbelt towns who have swarmed the District in anticipation of an influx of money in the District as retrenched miners are set to receive their redundance packages next week from KCM.

The local hookers complained that they have danced to every whim of the miners in their broke times and delivered to their satisfaction for minimal or no pay and it was therefore not fair that prostitutes from outside town should seek to take over their pleasure delivery duties now that pensions occasioned by the restructuring of the mines were looming.

However, Natasha a self-imported prostitute from Kitwe defended her right to trade her merchandise in Chingola saying it was ‘one-zambia one-nation’ and everyone should be allowed to compete favourably and share in the pension windfall.

She added that as a Christian Nation, both local and outside prostitutes should work as sisters and not fight.

Meanwhile, a check in the local guest houses and lodges found them all fully booked with commercial sexual practioners of all shades and hues, sizes and shapes basking in the the sun on the lawns awaiting for an earthquake of clients come Monday next week when the pensions are in.

Reports have also emerged that the more enteprising of the brood are reported to have even started allowing miners to board the pleasure train on credit basis to be paid upon receipt of the pension.

In a bid to protect miners from misusing their pensions, KCM has issued official advice to miners to avoid spending on luxury as it will lead them to fall into poverty, it is however, yet to be seen if the miners’ zips will abide by this advice.

©Kalemba February 19, 2021


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