THE LWANDOS: A singing couple’s ‘Unshakable’ love

    John and Bizelel Mwalo Lwando

    AND so it was that 16 years ago in a studio, the producer assigned a microphone to each of the singers and gave his usual order: “sing!’

    But what was to follow from that order was nothing close to usual.

    In a scene reminiscent of a true Mills and Boon novel, as the two singers belted out their tunes, the vocals from Bizelel made John weak in the knees and before long he was asking the all-important question, ‘‘Will you marry me?” ”Yes” was the answer he got!

    Unlike some singing couples who give up their art after nuptials, John and Bizelel Mwalo Lwando, true to their band name ‘Unshakable’, have continued to minister through song and co-opted more people into their band.

    John and Bizelel are gospel singers from the Throne Room Church and are based in Lusaka West.

    Since that studio encounter and eventual wedding on 12 November, 2005, the couple has been singing together for 16 years now.

    They have four children – one boy and 3 girls.

    Their love for music did not fade once they exchanged vows but instead grew stronger and birthed a group called the Unshakable Band.

    ” … the Unshakable Band .. consists of my sisters and other musicians too. We don’t make a living through music instead we do it for free because the word of God is free. We only require transport when we go to minister,” John, 37 stated.

    The couple explained that it has been easy to combine music and marriage because they are always together and have taken the two elements separately.

    Born from a family of singers, John is the composer of over 30 of the band’s songs.

    Apart from their music, Bizelel, 38 is a teacher while John is into butchery business.

    They say supporting each other’s gift is what has made them continue to sing together.

    “I would advise singers out there that before you get married or marry, ensure to explain your gift to the other person so that even when you’re in marriage you support each other and most importantly, pray,” said Bizelel.

    The couple’s wish is to one day sing internationally and hopefully release an album.


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