PF should be disqualified from contesting the August 12 elections – Nevers

MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba

Dr NEVERS Mumba has suggested that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should disqualify the PF from contesting the August 12 general elections due to what he sees as “numerous pre-election vote buying tricks across the country”.

The opposition MMD leader contends that the lack of reactiveness on the part of ECZ was allowing the PF to totally disregard the electoral code of conduct and the COVID-19 guidelines by going flat out across Zambia to campaign.

He also noted that the outbreak of donations of money and other material things by the PF and government officials should interest the ECZ and other stakeholders and question the sources of the money being donated.

Dr Mumba observed that the PF had gone flat out to campaign and the situation was already uneven because other political parties were denied to gather and campaign which was not fair for the opposition.

Dr Mumba added that the donations of money and other material things were tantamount to corruption and taking advantage of the poverty and hunger among citizens just to maintain the grip on power.


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