Twins Foundation donates to orphaned Mushindamo twins

Giveness and Gift

ABOUT a fortnight ago, Social Media was awash with news involving the death of 28-year-old Elizabeth Chilubwa of Northwestern Province who lost her life as she delivered a set of twins.

The story elicited sympathetic and shock comments from the public.

But Noel and Joel, the Lusaka-based twins, it was an opportunity to reach out and be of assistance to the surviving newborns.

Twins Plus Foundation Noel and Joel

Under their Twins Plus Foundation, Noel and Joel donated a K1,000 the twins now name Giveness and Gift and currently under the care of Elizabeth’s relatives.

The donation was made through Mushindamo district Commissioner Sylvia Kalamba who in turned handed it over to the social welfare in tbe district.

Joel Mwanza says, it was one of Twins Plus Foundation objectives to reach out to the Vulnerable twins, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets, to mention but a few.

Mushindamo district Commissioner Sylvia Kalamba

The District Commissioner expressed gratitude for the gesture extended to the Twins and thanked the foundation for their generosity.

┬ęKalemba February 4, 2021


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