Maiko Zulu recounts Fred Yamba’s kindness, generosity

Fredson Yamba

I was a young struggling musician leading a band called Muvi Posse and we often performed at a joint called Sam’s Sports Cafe which was owned by one Dipak Patel.

Times were not as rosy as they seemed because despite our celebrity status then, financially we were struggling and so we largely depended on the ‘sowela’ (tips) from the audience for our weekly take-home allowance and a take away meal prepared by Chef Mumba. At times we went home with nothing and then the week would begin on a miserable note until the next lucky gig.

This was one of those weekends when money was not flowing (chayuma) and personally I was in a really bad situation back at home which I never shared with my bandsmen.

During our 10 minute break, I was approached by a clean looking young gentleman who gave me something whick I thought was 30 Kwacha for a drink and he said thankyou for the great show and for everything you are doing for the country. I rushed back on stage and we clocked the set.

Back home I emptied my pockets and realised the man did not give me K30, it was $300! You can imagine what that did at that time.

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet you again and so for your act of kindness 2 decades ago, I want to say thankyou ba yama ba FREDSON YAMBA. You may have forgotten but we always remember.



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