Father Lupupa goes into hiding after sparking public rage


MATERO Parish Priest Father Lastone Lupupa has gone into hiding after sparking public furore with a suggestion that the 2021 elections must be rigged to prevent some people from governing Zambia.

The country has a general election in August but Father Lupupa holds that an arrogant, vengeful person who is full of himself must not be allowed to become president even if he won the election.

The priest made his undemocratic beliefs known through a brief and undated video that went viral on Wednesday.

Following the video, Father Lupupa has faced widespread condemnation from a cross section of society.

While the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops has remained mute on the matter, some catholics faithfuls feel Father Lupupa must apologise to tbe church and the nation for his ungodly suggestion.

But by this morning, Father Lupupa had a switched off his phones and disappeared from various WhatsApp groups.

The priest is also shunning his own WhatsApp group called “Father Lupupa Sermons 60” where he posts daily sermons.

Matero Parish Catholic priest Fr Lastone Lupupa

After posting a sermon this morning, members reacted by quickly leaving the group forcing admins to mute the group.

Nothing has been heard from him since.

©Kalemba February 4, 2021


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