Condemning Father Lupupa is like crucifying Jesus – Lusambo

    Bowman Lusambo

    LUSAKA Province minister Bowman Lusambo says by condemning Father Lastone Lupupa, “UPND members are behaving like Romans who crucified Jesus”.

    Father Lupupa, the Matero Catholic Parish Priest has come under fire from Zambians for suggesting that it was better for the August elections to be rigged than allow some vengeful, unforgiving people who are full of themselves to govern Zambia.

    But in defending Father Lupupa, Lusambo has directed his arsenals to the opposition UPND saying; what I find nauseating is that the same UPND members who openly support characters like Seer 1 to degrade the image of Zambia, freely insult the Head of State and wish death and calamity on the Republic are the ones throwing tantrums over Fr. Lupupa’s words”.

    In a statement on his Facebook page, Lusambo said when Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu declares that there will be bloodshed after August elections and when Bishop Mambo openly insults national leaders, the UPND refer to them as men of God who love Zambia.

    “….but when Fr. Lupupa declares that a Zambian President ought to humble oneself, love God’s people more and preach love and denounce violence, then he has committed a crime and should be crucified. That is the highest level of hypocrisy and double standards shamelessly at play,” Lusambo stated.

    “Between Seer 1 and Fr. Lupupa, I believe Fr. Lupupa has a well-defined Locus Standi to openly discuss merits and demerits of a Zambian President. The other one is an imposter, a fraud, a fugitive who should stay away from all things Zambian,” he stated.

    He said the UPND wanted to take issue with Fr. Lupupa because he served them their own medicine and they had discovered that it was actually bitter.

    He said if UPND members chose to condemn Fr. Lupupa then they should also condemn party leader Hakainde Hichilema for his role in privatization which according him has claimed people’s lives and almost turned Copperbelt into a ghost region.

    “They should also start online petitions condemning their use of violence in politics and their open practice of tribalism,” he said

    “By calling for Fr. Lupupa’s head, the UPND members are behaving like the Romans who crucified Jesus Christ at Golgotha,” stated Lusambo.

    ©Kalemba February 4, 2021


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