Be extra careful with your mobile money transactions – ZICTA

Mobile Money Booths

THE Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has cautioned the public to be “extra careful” when making transactions on online service and mobile money.

ZICTA director consumer protection and information manager, Mofya Chisala says people must protect themselves by not disclosing their personal information to people they do not know when using online services or mobile money.

According to Radio Phoenix News, Chisala said ZICTA had noticed an increase in the number of online fraud cases due to a rise in the number of people using the digital amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

“The increase of digital use has resulted in an increase in the number of fraud cases such as people pretending to be calling from a mobile network provider claiming customers have won money and asking for their passwords,” he said.

“We are appealing to the public to be extra careful even as they make transactions or make use of online services and protect themselves by not giving out their personal information to people they do not know including disclosing their mobile money passwords.”

┬ęKalemba February 4, 2021


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