“Rambo is part of Zambia Police”


POLICE say the uniformed people seen in a “Rambo” music video with firearms are actually officers from the paramilitary.

On Thursday, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo announced that police were looking for the people who featured in the poorly shot video showing uniformed police officers with one of them reciting lyrics claiming he was Rambo.

But in a statement this morning, Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale explained that; “Those in the video “Rambo” were identified as police officers working from Paramilitary.”

Mwale said it had further been established that the video in question surfaced on social media last year 2020 and appropriate disciplinary procedure was taken by authorities at Paramilitary.

He said there had been a surge in the number of people especially those in the film industry using police and military uniform without authority.

“We want to remind everyone that according to provisions of the law, any person who without authority, wears an official uniform, or any dress having the appearance or distinctive marks of such official uniform, is guilty of an offence,” Mwale stated

“We, therefore, advise those in the entertainment industry and those with intention to use police or military attire to desist from using such uniform without authority or risk being arrested”.

Kalemba January 31, 2021


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