Lungu reduces Mukata’s death sentence to life imprisonment

Matthew Mohan and Keith Mukata having a chat in prison - Pictures by Chambo Nguni

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has commuted the jail sentence of former Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and 245 others from death row to life imprisonment, according to Smart Eagles.

Mukata was convicted for murdering his security guard in 2018 and was sentence of death by hanging.

But today Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo announced that President Lungu had commuted 246 prisoners from death row to life imprisonment and a check of the gazette revealed that Mukata was on the list.

Kampyongo who toured Mukobeko maximum facility in Kabwe today stated that among the inmates who had had their sentences commuted 225 were male and 21 female.

Kampyongo further added that following this action by the President, President Lungu’s accumulated change of sentences from death to life was now over 630.

And Kampyongo clarified that government does not favor any inmates based on prominence.

“You are the one who are looking at someone with prominence for us they are all  inmates…they are all the same under the law regardless of what status you have in society,” he clarified.

Kampyongo stated that government was fixated at looking at offender management and doing away with old ways.

He said inmates are being tailored to correctional facilities that have seen the breeding of innovations that have even created employment and it is such projects that were encouraging.


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