Public health group calls for reforms to health, education sectors


CHAIRPERSON for Public Health and Environmental Promotion Organization of Zambia Christopher Kalumba says the Ministries of Health, general education and other sectors need serious reforms for the betterment of socioeconomic economic growth in the country and in improving health service delivery.

Kalumba says these reforms in all sectors will help to withstand challenges amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These reforms will need new governance system that can be proactive and innovative in developing systems that supports our current environment including changes in climate,” he said.

He says failure to implement these new reforms in all sectors will continue to suffer not only from Covid-19 but also from many other socioeconomic problems.

“There is need to find ways to keep businesses afloat while doing everything possible to fight the pandemic. Household poverty as a result of the pandemic will be another disaster,” he added.

Kalumba reiterated that the future generations will suffer more than now for failure of taking these reforms.

By Evelyn Namwinga

┬ęKalemba January 19, 2021


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