Defiant “Amelicans” appear in court, deny possessing offensive weapons and drug trafficking


TWENTY-FOUR “soldiers” from Innocent Kalimanshi’s “Amelican Forces” have appeared in the Lusaka magistrate’s court on charges of possession of offensive weapons and trafficking psychotropic substances.

It is alleged that the 24 on December 22, 2020 possessed offensive weapons namely 4, machetes, 1 axe, a golf stick and 6 iron bars.

The accused on the same day trafficked 316.1 grams of marijuana.

The 24 among them six juveniles pleaded not guilty to the charges before magistrate Betty Malupenga.

As they left the court premises, the defiant “soldiers” warned that Minister of home affairs Stephen Kampyongo will meet their commander Kalimanshi at the PF convention.

As they waited to be driven away by gun-wielding police officers, the suspects charged that they could not join Kampyongo’s because they were supporters of President Edgar Lungu.

© Kalemba January 14, 2021


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