Don’t wish Kampyongo death, no matter how you hate him – M’membe

SOCIALIST Party Zambia president Dr Fred M'membe

SOCIALIST Party president Fred M’membe says it is wrong to wish death on Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo who has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently admitted to Chinsali General Hospital.

In a statement this afternoon, Dr M’membe said; “Don’t wish Mr Kampyongo dead no matter how much you hate him.”

“A large number of social media posts have expressed desire that home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo doesn’t recover from COVID-19. Of course, you can find people on either side of politics, or any disagreement, who sometimes feel retribution is appropriate. They believe it is acceptable, or even right, to make one person suffer if they have made others suffer,” he observed.

“Long live Kampyongo,” M’membe wrote.

He said all actions had multiple effects — and rarely are these always positive.

“It is wrong, evil, inhuman and unChristian to hope that someone dies”.

© Kalemba January 10, 2021


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