MEDIA STATEMENT: Ministry of Health must be held accountable for unsafe condoms


THE Ministry of Health has to be held accountable for this Gross misconduct, otherwise by the end of this year many youths will have serious illnesses, a rise of unwanted pregnancies and all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases because of expired drugs and condoms.

In business, you cannot even blame the supplier after goods have been confirmed received okay and paid for. There must be a system problem at the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health should be held responsible on a weak internal control system.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

To make matters worse, we recently commemorated the World Aids Day where condoms where distributed and many youths used them and not forgetting during the festive season, it is very unfortunate.

Meanwhile the nation is anxious to know what reaction President Edger Lungu is going to take as he did to Honorable Mabumba.

The Ministry of Healthy should learn from its mistakes and make sure that next time they do a proper observation on healthy materials.

I want to encourage the youths who may have sex between September and now to go for Voluntary Counseling and Testing so that the future leaders don’t perish.

Rudolf Mwanza

Youth of substance

National Coordinator.


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