I’m ready to go beyond 2021 – Lungu


    PRESIDENT Lungu has told Chililabombwe residents that he is ready to go beyond 2021.

    President Lungu, who mostly spoke in Bemba, said this at Konkola Copper Mines in Chililabombwe.

    “I have been told that things are going smoothly and workers have now started getting their salaries. Somebody came from London a Zambian who has been gone for seven years and when he arrived he came and told me that if we work together, things can change. I have seen the state of the roads, we will rehabilitate them. You should know that we cannot do everything at once. There is a saying from the Chinese people that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Let us work together ad change this country. I am very strong, very courageous and ready to go beyond 2021,” President Lungu said.

    He said he is happy that KCM was running efficiently.

    “I am very proud of how the mine has been run efficiently it is an indication that we are able, we have the skills required to run such an operation. I was talking to management a while ago and I assured them that this is the way to go show them that we can run the mine effectively and efficiently .Yes the employees, contractors  from KCM  and everybody has demonstrated  their  commitment  to bringing back the mining sector to life and I think  this is the way it should be. For those that have been brought back by the same people. And then you say Zambians can’t run the mine, we will run the mine. That is why I am delighted that those that want to invest in the mine can come when we are done with the liquidation process so that we 100 percent assent our sovereignty to the mining industry ,”  President Lungu said.

    “What is important is that we are not going back. Vedanta has left even if they go to court in South Africa and God they are not coming back. And I don’t speak anyhow even if things get tough I will also be found there. Some people say I come from Chawama, yes in Chawama that is where intelligent people come from. Don’t doubt me because I believed in you. And if I believed in you we can’t fail.  Bambi balelanda {some people are saying} I have a vision for Zambia and I know what Zambian people need. You can only know what Zambian people need if you leave them behind. You can know if you work with them. The mine sector should change and should change for the better,” said President Lungu.


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