Doctors demand answers on Ministry of Health’s distribution of faulty health kits

ZMA secretary general Dr. Masiku Phiri

THE Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has demanded for “prompt answers” in the revelation that the Ministry of Health distributed faulty medical health care kits, unsafe condoms and expired medicines.

The revelations came to light on Wednesday during a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which had summoned the Ministry of Health along with Honeybee Pharmacies – the company behind the supply of the substandard items.

In a statement this afternoon, ZMA secretary general Dr. Masiku Phiri stated; “revelations that public safety and the health of practitioners were compromised by distribution of sub-standard health kits are hard to fathom.”

Dr Phiri said ZMA was bewildered and at pains to absorb the scandalous revelations.

“The failures at multiple levels of the supply chain under the different bodies are appalling and all elements that are culpable need to be immediately identified and necessary measures undertaken to restore confidence in the Public Health System,” Dr Phiri stated.

“On behalf of the Medical Profession in Zambia, ZMA demands answers promptly as it strives to serve the nation’s health needs with the given meagre resources at hand and immediately call for the following action points…,” he added.

Dr Phiri said ZMA was demanding the immediate recall of all the faulty kits that were currently in distribution and also called for the review and strengthening of procurement procedures at Ministry of Health and all allied statutory bodies to stop once and for all recurring issues in awarding contracts.

Dr Phiri said ZMA was following the matter closely while gathering its own facts and would keep the membership and public abreast with the developments.

©Kalemba January 8, 2021


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