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Humphrey Mutiti

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THERE is nothing in life that is so widely admired than success. In real life, success comes after knowing how to handle failure. Success does not happen instantaneous. Sometimes you will have to sweat for it. Anyone that is successful today had to sweat for it in some way.

In this article, I will share with you one of the common denominators that you will find at least in everyone who has made it in whatever sphere of life.

A journey to success will take you through many routes, which sometimes may be through failure. Somebody once noted, “You can’t travel a road to success without a puncture or two.” If you are to succeed in this life, you will need to know how to handle failure. Because it is not the failing that matters, but what you do after the fail. Failure is not a person but an event. You can bounce back with a difference if you decide to. I see you bouncing back in this 2021!

Many of the success stories have been borne from the ashes of failure. The successful people we have today have all assimilated how to handle failure. Many times failure brings pain, sorrow, and a sense of despair. It may even lead one to be a laughing stock to people and this makes failure such a disastrous experience in a person’s life. Failure brings with it the loss of privileges and respect in society because only those that have succeed are applauded, esteemed, flattered, and admired. Failure is a dishonorable experience.

Abraham Lincoln

This man started striving for success when he was twenty-two years and only made it to the white house when he was fifty-one years. He had many set – backs but he kept his faith and dream until he made it. May you also keep your faith and dream until you make it in every sphere of your life!

Paul Galvin at the age of thirty three had failed twice in business. With his last $750, he bought back the battery eliminator portion of it. That part became Motorola. Upon his retirement in the 1960’s, he said, “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”

A life spent making mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing. Many times people fail because of circumstances beyond their control and some people are themselves to blame for their failure, because they lack discipline. Do not be cheated that you will not fail or make mistakes in life. All successful people failed at one time.

Thus, you to know how to handle and turn failure into success, you will need to know that;

1. Failure is common to all of us.

Many people give up when they fail because they personalize it and feel so ashamed to raise up and try again. Never forget that you are not the first one to fail. Never also forget that there is someone somewhere who is making it in the same area of life you have failed. Thus, stop pitying yourself and rise.

2. Failure is not a respecter of persons.

I have seen the old and young, the whites, the blacks, the great, the small, the rich, and the poor all fail. There is no exception to failure. This is why you need to know how to handle it because it will definitely come one day. You need to know that everyone has a potential to fail.

Sir Watts, the man that invented the bulb was asked how many times he failed before he finally succeeded in making a bulb, he answered, “I never failed but I only learnt the ways that could not work.”

3. Failure is part of your learning process.

You can’t climb a ladder of success without confronting failure in one way or another. Failure is a subject in the school of success. Great men have learnt how to handle failure and take it as a lesson in life. Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are often the best teachers.

4. Failure helps you to improve.

It will help you to change, to check your life, to take a stock of your life and see where you need to make adjustments.

5. Sometimes failure will make you depend on God.

When you fail, it forces you to humble yourself and depend on God.

6. Failure will make you exercise compassion for others.

It will make you have love and mercy for others. You will not rejoice in their failures.

7. Failure is not perpetual.

Failure is written in pencil. It is a temporal detour. Failing in itself is not a problem, but failing to get up is becomes a problem. I don’t know who I am speaking to in this article. May be your failed last year, this doesn’t make you a failure. Rise up this year and pursue your dream again!


Many of the success stories have been borne from the ashes of failure. May you use your 2020 failures to excel this 2021!

Humphrey Mutiti is a missionary and church planter in South Africa, called into the ministry of prayer, a conference speaker, with a Diploma in Missions, two Ph.Ds – one in Ministry and the other in Theology. He is serving as a National overseer and instructor (South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia for the Great Commission Bible Institute), is an author of several books and  runs a daily ‘MOMENT OF REFRESHING’ program on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, on the YouTube channel ‘Making Your Life Count’, and is currently studying for another Ph.D. in the school of Law with the Atlantic International University (USA). Until now he is the founder and presiding pastor of Covenant Church International.

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