Zambia Police ‘cleansing’ has begun – Lungu


    PRESIDENT EDGAR Lungu says the latest changes in the Zambia Police heralds the cleansing of the service.

    In a statement this afternoon, President Lungu said the image of the Police Service must be that of servants of the people.

    “Times are gone when people used to run away from Police officers instead of seeking refugee from them,” he stated.

    “These are modern times, and modern times have come with many rights for the people that must be respected,” the Head of State added.

    On Tuesday, President Lungu fired Bonny Kapeso and Eugene Sibote from their positions as Deputy Inspectors of Police in charge of operations and administration respectively.

    He also placed Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja on a six-month probation with the task of winning back the public confidence in the Zambia Police.

    This came after the death of two unarmed men who were shot dead as UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema arrived for questioning at Police Force Headquarters in Lusaka over a week ago.

    National Prosecutions Authority prosecutor Nsama Nsama along with UPND supporter Joseph Kaunda died on the spot in what police claim are ”unclear circumstances”.

    “The events of last week have not only brought out so much sorrow to the families of the two departed individuals, namely Nsama Nsama Chipyoka and Joseph Kaunda; the events of last week have brought grief to the whole nation,” President Lungu stated.

    “As President and Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Force, I mourn with the families of the departed,” he added.

    “Indeed we are hurting as a nation, especially that we do not have conclusive and detailed answers yet, eight days after the demise of our brothers, Nsama and Joseph.”

    President Lungu said he had directed Kanganja to expedite investigations into the killings that have sparked public furor.

    Today, President Lungu swore in Charity Katanga to replace Kapeso and Richard Mweene in place of Sibote.

    ┬ęKalemba December 31, 2020


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