Kampyongo sues “Amelican” Kalimanshi


    TIRED of being disrespected by PF ‘National Commander’ Innocent Kalimanshi, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has taken the former to court for defamation.

    Kalimanshi in a WhatsApp message accused Kampyongo of plotting to kill him whilst he was in Johannesburg South Africa, as well as sending him to bad-mouth Kelvin Sampa when he was appointed PF national youth chairman.

    This is in a matter where Kalimanshi, 40, a businessman of Leopards Hill in Lusaka, is facing a charge of libel before the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court.

    Kalimanshi on November 8, 2020 alleged to have published a defamatory words against Kampyongo.

    The commander of a rebellious group of youths called the ‘Americans’ uttered defamatory words affecting Kampyongo saying: “When the President decided to drop one position from you (Kampyongo) and gave it to Kelvin Sampa, you got annoyed and sent me to be saying bad things against Kelvin Sampa.

    “You (Kalimanshi) also said that when you were arrested for the offence of assault and was in custody, I (Kampyongo) did give instructions to the police to deny you police bond and that I had taken a sack of sausage to Mr Musonda (The criminal investigations officer) you further alleged that whilst you were in Johannesburg on known dates I had sent some people to go and kill you”.

    When the case came for plea before magistrate Felix Kaoma, Kalimanshi was not before court.

    He is expected to appear before magistrate Kaoma on a date to be communicated.

    ©Kalemba December 30, 2020


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