Police warn, caution Simon Mwewa over Tayali


POLICE in Lusaka have today warned and cautioned vlogger Simon Mwewa over a Facebook posting on EEP president Chilufya Tayali.

Mwewa was warned and cautioned after an hour-long questioning session at Lusaka Central Police this morning.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has confirmed the development to #Kalemba.

“A complaint was lodged by Mr Chilufya Tayali who complained about a social media post allegedly posted by Mr Mwewa Simon in form of a picture of Mr Tayali with his daughter accompanied by text,” she explained.

“It’s is a matter still under investigation and Mr Mwewa was Warned and Cautioned on the same,” added Katongo.

#Kalemba December 29, 2020


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