High Land High School Grade 12 pupil gets ordained as pastor


WHAT do you remember about your high school days? Is it the wild dancing and partying as stereotyped by Hollywood High School Musicals or you are who put the bushes nearby your school at risk of catching fire from your discarded dagga joints?

Breaking from this stereotype, Fred Banda a Grade 12 pupil of High Land High School has instead offered his youth to serve believers as a pastor of Voice of God Ministries International.

Born in a family of five, Fred was born again at age 14 in 2014 when his friend invited him for an overnight prayer session and he has not looked back since then.

He was ordained as a Pastor this festive period exactly on 26 December, 2020 after graduating from Satellite Bible College with a certificate in theology.

He says that this of his spiritual journey,

“When I realised that it was God that was speaking to me I became serious with the things of God and that’s how I became a pastor, “he said.

For experience, he relies on his solid record as an usher, youth chairperson and many  other positions he has served in Church.

To others who wish to follow his path, Pastor Banda has this to say:

“My advice to youths who want to be pastors is that they should be ushered into ministry first by people who are above them because ministry without knowledge is full of errors do not just enter into ministry because that will be your downfall,follow the process that will make you to qualify into ministry or not. Youths must go to school, acquire an education, what will you say to people who have gone a step further in their education than you? “he explained.

Pastor Banda also explained that he has been organising a team of youths who will be evangelising in the community teaching people the things of God as well as showing them that they have potential to rise and do greater things in the country through education.

By Evelyn Namwinga

┬ęKalemba December 28, 2020


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