Private parts inspection leads to divorce


THE Buchi Local Court has heard how a man of Kwacha Township inspected his wife’s private parts and checked footprints in the yard to see if any strange man came to his house.

This was in a case in which Mukupa, dragged her husband, Mwale, to court for divorce on grounds that he married another woman.

She said her husband inspected her private parts to see if she had sex with another man in his absence.

“My husband refers to me as a prostitute and he has made it a habit to inspect my private parts and footprints in our yard whenever he comes back from work,” Mukupa said.

She said each time she prepared ‘Kalembula’, her husband refused to eat and dismissed it as a vegetable for prostitutes.

In his defence, Mwale refuted Mukupa’s allegations and accused his wife of being a drunkard and that she wanted to poison him.

He said his wife has no respect for him, claiming that she deliberately put on headsets to avoid him every time he wanted to talk to her.

 Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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