Political parties misusing youth energy – Ngandwe

Dickson Ngandwe addresses youth in Kamfinsa Constituency

THE youths’ vibrancy, energy and potential is being misused as tools of political violence by selfish politicians an aspiring parliamentary candidate has observed.

Dickson Ngandwe who is seeking to become Kamfinsa member of parliament says it is sad to see youths involving themselves in violent activities when they were supposed to be focusing on how they could contribute to national development.

He said the youths should refuse to be used in cheap politics only meant to cause damage in the country when they were supposed to maintain and safeguard the country’s peace.

Ngandwe further said with the coming elections, youths should occupy their minds with issues that would bring development to the country.

“Youths are vibrant, they have the energy to contribute to the country’s development and their potential to do that is great but they are being misused when they allow themselves to be used as tools of violence. Let the youths not engage in cheap politics. What we need to do is to chat a way forward for our future and the best way to do that is by voting and not [engaging in] violence. The question that should be in our minds is: how do we intend to shape our future?” Ngandwe told the youths.

He said 2021 general election depended on the youths, who should rise to the occasion and make sound decisions.

“Let us refrain from violence and peacefully participate in the elections. Let us review the performance of the current leaders and get ready to make responsible decisions. Let us make diligent choices that will lead to sustainable development. Zambia can be a better place if we act as responsible citizens. The fate of the future lies in our hands, and one way of securing the future is through the vote and not violence,” Ngandwe said.

He further advised young people to participate in the 2021 general election.

Ngandwe said tribal and gender politics should not be used influence voters but message of hope on what a good leader would do for the voters.

“Gender, tribe or political party alignment are not and must not be factors in whether or not a person can be a great leader- a person’s leadership abilities should depend on their individual strengths and personal traits. In next year’s general election, let’s not usher in leadership based on political prejudice. I am offering a well transparent leadership with a proven track record of a team builder to attain a common goal,” said Ngandwe.

©Kalemba December 28, 2020


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