‘Take me back to school’, pleads defiled teen mom


DEFILED and impregnated at age 13, Mary Mbulo now aged 18 with a second child is pleading for well-wishers to help her return to school so that she can achieve her dream to be a lawyer one day.

Mary, a single mother after both her baby daddies abandoned her, survives by washing clothes for other people, and with help of her mother who is a maid, struggles by to feed her children.

She dropped out of school in Grade 5.

With a downcast face, she explains her predicament saying;

“I wish I waited a little longer and concentrated on school, my prayer is that someone would sponsor me to go back to school so that I can be a lawyer that I still desire to be ,” she explained.

“I fell pregnant because I lacked things to sustain me at school. My father left my mother for another woman and now lives in Chinsali. My mother tried to provide for my school but it wasn’t enough,” she muttered.

Mary advises her fellow girls to concentrate on school to avoid the hardship she is going through.

By Evelyn Namwinga


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