Woman demands marriage from witchdoctor after his bring-back-lost-lover charms failed to work


A 27-YEAR-OLD woman of Mansa has become single after the love portions she got from a witchdoctor ended up destroying her marriage.

Unable to endure loneliness and lack of romance, Mirriam Kunda took herself to the house of prominent witchdoctor Chileya Chilufya widely known as Kalonga Kanono in Lusaka and demanded that he marries her since his charms had failed to cement her marriage.

But instead of marrying her, Dr Kanono dragged the “starving” woman to the police where she was arrested and charged for criminal trespass.

The matter is now in the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

According to court documents, Kunda of National Service Camp in Mansa is on December 3, 2020 alleged to have unlawfully entered on the premises of Chileya Chilufya with intent to stael.

Kunda pleaded not guilty to the charge before magistrate Amy Masoja.

Magistrate Masoja adjourned the matter to December 23 for commencement of trial.

It is alleged that in January 2020 Kunda went to Chilufya’s shrine on Kalusha Bwalya road in Lusaka’s Kanyama area seeking bring-back-lost-lover charms after he husband had sent her away from their matrimonial home in Kabwe.

Kunda was then was asked to pay a K500 for the charms which were given to her upon which she returned to Kabwe.

Sometime in March Kunda is reported to have gone back to Chilufya’s shrine to thank him for his services because the charms had done wonders and she had recaptured her husband’s love.

Later in May Kunda went to Chilufya’s place of business lamenting that her husband had chased her again upon which she was given stronger charms.

However, Chilufya says he was surprised that Kunda went to the former’s shrine with bags sometime in August demanding that he marries her.

The witch doctor dragged Kunda to the police station wondering why she was demanding that he marries her when she was his client who went to his shrine for help.

Chilufya was advised to provide transport for his client so that she could travel to Mansa were she had relocated to.

Kunda was given a K700 by Chilufya which she would use to travel to Mansa. On December 3,2020 the accused went to the witch doctor’s house for the fourth time insisting that Kalonga Kanono marries her but the latter denied her proposal as he was already married.

Chilufya asked Kunda to leave his place but she refused and was aggressive towards everyone at his home to which he again took her to Kanyama police station were she was charged with criminal trespass.

According to Kunda, Kalonga Kanono showed interest in her when she went to seek help at his shrine on how to return her husband who was no longer interested in her.

She claimed that Kalonga Kanono asked her to leave her husband and get married to him.

It is alleged the the two had a sexual encounter and Kalonga Kanono maintained that Kunda leaves her husband and he would rent a house for her.

Kunda said that Kalonga Kanono had done so many things to her and her husband has married the former’s agent.

Kundaw said she decided to go Kanono’s house demanding that he marries her as earlier agreed because he had destroyed her marriage and her life, as she has been having failed relationships after she met him.

Kunda said she will ensure that Kanono marries her as he was her lover and had promised her marriage.

©Kalemba December 23, 2020


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