TAKEN: Mansa woman finds “husband” in less than 24 hours of searching

    Evelyn (real name withheld)

    BARELY 24 hours after going public that she needed a man to marry so she could quit her thigh-vending business, the 29-year old Mansa woman has found love and a soon-to-be-husband.

    Evelyn (real name withheld) said she could no longer continue to provide “pleasuring services” to men who refused to use condoms owing to fair complexion especially so that she was HIV positive.

    Fearing that she would continue to spread the HIV, Evelyn opted to make a public appeal for a job or have man to marry so she could quit the business and look after her 11-year-old daughter.

    After her story was published on #Kalemba last evening, multitudes of interested men called in to try their luck.

    But in the end, only one can man could have Evelyn as his wife.

    This morning, probably after chatting the whole night, “the couple” has announced their intentions to be together.

    The man who also wants to remain anonymous sounded a warning to other men not call his finance because she was now “taken”.

    The businessman said he was happy to have “such a serious and repented woman” to be with him in a new journey.

    ┬ęKalemba December 23, 2020.


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