Give me husband or job or else I spread HIV…

Evelyn (real name withheld)

A 29-YEAR-OLD single mother of Mansa has appealed to the Ministry of Health to rescue her from spreading the HIV infection by employing either as a sweeper or any other menial work because her current occupation as a Lady of the Night was spreading her HIV+ status to men who refused to use condoms due to her fair complexion.

Evelyn (real name withheld) said she was no longer interested working the dark alleys of Mansa clad in very little and appealed to Dr Chitalu Chilufya, her area MP and Health Minister to come to her aid so that she can a turn a page in her life.

She added that her daughter aged 11 was HIV negative and she was ready to retire from the oldest profession.

Men interested in marrying her can call or text details +260955872739.

Serious men only

┬ęKalemba December 22, 2020


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