Esther’s struggle in raising a mentally-ill child


FROM the age of 2 when his mental illness became apparent, Esther Mbewe, 44 has struggled to raise her now 20-year old nephew Joseph Sakala as his illness has worsened with the passage of years and lack of money to receive proper psychiatric diagnosis.

Esther narrates that Joseph began exhibiting signs of psychiatric challenges when he would fall to the ground aged 2 but his condition has now deteriorated into violent rage and improper conduct.

She narrates a situation when she had to remove him from a kids’ shared bedroom as he was fond of playing with his genitalia.

Esther has also personally suffered the brunt of Joseph’s condition as he assaulted her leading to her losing her frontal teeth.

Esther who is struggling to fend for her family which includes her orphaned nephew Joseph says she was told by the medics to provide K2,500 for Joseph’s diagnostic scan which she could not and is appealing to well-wishers to come to her nephews aid.

She says Joseph has been asking to be taken back to school but she fears for the safety of other learner’s and will wait until a Samaritan comes to his aid so that his mental health is handled.

She fears for her life as she is aging and can no longer physically restrain him during his fits of violence like she used to.

“My relatives have refused to help me and am slowly losing strength because Joseph is growing and he’s medication seems not to be helping, “she complained.

She has since asked for help as she cannot handle this situation alone.

By Evelyn Namwinga

┬ęKalemba December 22, 2020


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