Ricah shares 28th birthday with disabled children


    A BIRTHDAY is a birthday; it is special! But when a birthday falls in the festive period, it is two times better as it benefits from the joyous ambience that comes with the approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    Little wonder then that birthdays for December babies could be easily mistaken for an orgy as people usually host loud lavish parties with generous gallons of alcohol.

    However, Ricah Mbao chose to break from this vain tradition and celebrate her 28th birthday this festive period by bring smiles and joy to disabled children of Cheshire Home for Disabled Children in Chipata.

    Ricah, despite modest means exhibited a big heart for the least fortunate in society by marking her birthday with a donation of 2 bags of mealie-meal, 10 litres of cooking oil, 10kg of sugar and assorted toiletries.

    Asked on this truly humbling gesture, Ricah remarked that “the gesture is about spending my birthday with people who have unconditional love and to really genuinely give them love”.

    Yet, whilst many among us look at a birthday as a fundraising venture so that our friends cover up our shortages of trendy phones, meals we can hardly pronounce and whiskies competing in age with our ancestors; it was refreshing and inspiring to see Ricah instead use the goodwill of her friends Senda, Munje and Shadreck to donate to the home for disabled children instead of her wardrobe.

    From @Kalemba; it’s a season of giving; let us emulate Ricah and use our joyous days to bring happiness to the least fortunate among us.  Compliments of the season!

    ©Kalemba December 8, 2020


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