Pupil found dead in Kabompo river after sending him to collect bonanza money


A GRADE 12 pupil of Kaluwawa secondary school in Lukulu district of Western Province has been found dead in the Kabompo river.

Makai Muswato is believed to have travelled on the 29th of November, 2020 with a bicycle to Mumbezhi area of Kabompo district in North Western Province, a few kilometers away from his home when he was sent to collect some money for a Bonanza business in the area.

Makai never came back hence prompting the family and relatives to follow him after his phone was unreachable.

According to Lukulu Community Radio, Makai was on 1st December found dead in the Kabompo river with cuts on the head while his bicycle, bag and money were missing.

The body of the late Makai has since been buried and the matter has been reported to Police.


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