Kalingalinga Anglican Church rebels threaten journalists


AS Renard Mwale appeared at the Lusaka Magistrates Court accused of assaulting Kalingalinga Anglican Church priest, Borniface Baleni, supporters of the 62-year-old man threatened to replacate the beating on journalists.

Mwale is reported to have unleashed Mayweather-style pummelling on his hapless Priest right at the pulpit of Kalingalinga’s Anglican Church causing the clergyman’s facial structure to be re-arranged from the original design by the Almighty subsequently earning himself a charge of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

The senior citizen was at court this morning but could not take plea because the case record was not before court.

As he Left the court premises, Mwale was met by a swarm of prying court reporters with their cameras but Mwale’s supporters would not have their “hero’s” splashed news media platforms.

They shielded him from glare of cameras while leading him away with head covered under black jacket.

The “security group” threatened the persistent journalists warning that they would suffer the same fate father Baleni had suffered when he refused to heed Mwale’s instruction to vacate the church.

Kalemba November 30, 2020


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