SAD NEWS: House collapse on eight family members in Namwala


EIGHT members of the same family in Namwala district are nursing injuries after their house collapsed on them following a heavy downpour yesterday.

Votte Chisangano told Byta FM News from Kalundu village that heavy rains characterised by strong winds blew off the roof, scattering iron sheets, meters away from the house.

Chisangano says neighbours, who witnessed the ordeal, braved the heavy rains to rescue the victims, including an elderly woman, Sarah Mungo, who sustained a broken right leg.

Her ten year old great grandchild, Melody Moonga, broke her arm, while other victims, Chisangano says, sustained minor injuries.

He further reveals that locals moved the patients using an oxcart to where the vehicle was parked because it could not reach the affected area.

The victims were referred to Namwala District Hospital for treatment, but were still waiting for an Ambulance about five hours later around 20:00 Hours.
Credit: Byta FM


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