Cure Zambia blesses Loveness with new feet


AFTER spending almost two decades with feet that could not walk worsened by societal pity and ridicule,  Loveness is now able to take strides of confidence; one step at a time.

Beaming with confidence, Loveness, born with clubfoot, was rescued from her inability to walk by surgery at CURE Zambia (formerly Beit Cure).

The smile and confidence with which she takes her first strides after decades of disability are thanks to the spiritual and moral support she has received from Cure Zambia.

Asked on her new experience of walking after being healed from club foot, Loveness shared her dreams of a new life on walking feet saying;

“I want to return to school once I get healed!”

The words may seem ordinary to many but this is a new stride in her life compared to when arrived at CURE Zambia and her only words were “I walk barefoot. I can’t put on shoes like everyone else. Even sandals or flip-flops don’t fit on my feet”.

Loveness story is one among many that CURE Zambia has been used to bless; transforming lives from social ridicule and hopelessness to call confidence unlocking potential.


©Kalemba November 26, 2020


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