Democratic Party announces convention

FILE PICTURE: Harry Kalaba

THE DEMOCRATIC Party (DP) has announced that it will this Friday hold an elective convention where the party’s presidency will be contested.

Party spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the general conference would be held in Lusaka.

“This is in line and in fulfillment of the Zambian Constitution as provided for under Article 60 (1) (c) of the Constitution of Zambia which obliges political parties to conduct primary elections for the selection of candidates,” Kabemba said.

While party leader Harry Kalaba is likely to retain the presidency, Kabemba said the DP will be electing candidates “to be sponsored for nomination and election to a State office as president in respect of 2021 general elections.”

“The DP would further want to inform the nation that due to COVID-19, the Ministry of Local Government through the council has restricted the number of people to attend the conference,” added Kabemba.

©Kalemba November 10, 2020


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