Double the degrees, Double the joy!


    WHILST twins are more commonly known for double the trouble that they make, the Muponda twins have made a brilliant attempt to revise this cliched script by sharing a successful academic journey which culiminated in their being bestowed with a degree each during the recently held 49th University of Zambia graduation ceremony.

    When Nelly and Mary landed on the Great East campus, it was certainly double assault on the bastion of intellectual wealth that Zambia’s highest institution holds; there was no way the Senate was going to win over these dedicated and focused twins!

    The girls don’t only share similar faces but most importantly have traversed the academic journey together from 2013 when they left Mukamambo Girls Secondary School in Choongwe District to the four or so years they shared a ‘level’, as UNZA rooms are known.

    Mary, now a graduate Mass Communicator and Nelly a Public Administrator sum up the double blessing that has been their life saying,
    “We went to the same school, studied together, applied in the school of Humanities and Social Sciences, stayed in the same room in the university and graduated on the same day.

    As twin sisters we are really happy and we acknowledge that what lies ahead remains uncertain. Nevertheless, this graduation was the best thing that has ever happened to us and we believe we have made the best decisions for ourselves, ” the duo said.

    The sisters threw in an Anthony Mason quote to inspire fellow young people which says “don’t make excuses, make it happen, you are capable of overcoming any obstacle life throws your way”.

    From Kalemba, congratulations to the two intellectual bandits for robbing the UNZA Senate of two degrees, double trouble indeed!!

    By Joel Mwanza

    ┬ęKalemba October 20, 2020


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