Zambians will vote PF back into power – Davies Mwila


    RULING Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has expressed confidence that Zambians will vote the party back into power in the 2021 General Elections.

    Speaking on ZNBC Sunday Interview with Grevazio Zulu last evening, Mwila said the PF has delivered unprecedented infrastructure development to the country than any government had done before.

    He said if Zambians compared the works done by previous governments of UNIP and MMD, the PF had done exceedingly more than those two government in 10 years.

    He said the number of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure done by government was there to see by Zambians.

    He also said that government had introduced new programmes such as community fish farming and had increased support to small-scale farmers living in rural areas.

    He said Zambians have also had an opportunity to know President Lungu and his commitment to better the lives of Zambians.

    The Secretary General has urged the party’s structures to welcome and work with mobilisation committees that were formed to complement the work of the party on the ground.

    He said it was imperative that friction rising between the mobilisation teams and party structures was stopped for the good of the party.

    He said some members of the party structures have not welcomed the mobilization committees and appealed to them to work together.

    Meanwhile Mwila has emphasized that the adoption of candidates for elective positions will be done on merit basis.

    He said only members of Parliament, Mayors and councillors that have performed well will be considered for re-adoption.

    Mwila has also advised the opposition political parties to support Bill 10 so that constitutional amendments such as the Public Order Act could be done to make the conduct of the 2021 elections easier.

    Credit: Smart Eagles

    Kalemba October 19, 2020


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