KWANTAMU: 3 million times funny


    AS THE old adage goes, if you can’t be a soldier, be a joker; well, for Dr Kwantamu, this false adage bears a lot of resemblance to the truth behind his record breaking 2.8 million youtube views; bigger than any other comedian and most musicians in the country.

    Born Joseph Katongo, Dr Kwantamu did not seek to be the nation’s most famous joker; that was a fortunate consequence of Zambia Army’s rejection of his application to joke his way to the battle front in the nation’s prized military fatigues.

    Though he plays a no-nonsence paramedic with a rancour for hospital humour with a never-seen-on-screen nurse called ‘Sister Mulenga’, Dr Kwantamu is far from this character as he wears a smile wider and whiter than even lottery winners.

    His now popular video, which is trending not only in Zambia but also in Uganda and Kenya, was only posted on his page on October 14 for an artist who debuted to the Facebook TV in mid-2019. In the popular video the teacher-cum-commedian features Jay Tony and Joe Mwana Maria.

    Quizzed on the first days of popularity and now; Kwantamu says that; “The response to my first video was scary because the support was overwhelming.The first video I did was even shown on ZNBC TV. Now I’m confident and look forward to opening my own television station” he says.

    A native of Lusaka’s Chipata compound , Kwantamu completed his High School at Olympia Secondary School before enrolling for a teaching qualification.

    To his fans, he says, more laughter and live shows after COVID-19 lockdown…laugh the space out!

    ©Kalemba October 18, 2020


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