UPND brands national prayers hypocritical


    UPND says it will be hypocritical for the party to participate on the National Day Prayers, Fasting and Reconciliation when their party members have been incarcerated on tramped charges.

    Speaking to journalists in Lusaka yesterday, Party national chairperson Mutale Nalumango said the use word of God in vein while championing ethnic divisions and regionalism was the worst sin.

    She said UPND had no convincing reason to attend the prayers when PF was dividing the country.

    Nalumango wondered what good would come out of prayer and fasting when the day had been reduced to mere show off with a Judah’s Kiss.

    She further demanded for release of three UPND officials who had been charged with aggravated robbery in Kasama.

    “Our position on this issue is very clear. It will be hypocritical for us to participate in the prayers because that will mean endorsing hypocrisy. According to the Bible, the true fasting which God approves of is one where you free those who are falsely imprisoned.To lighten the burden of those who work for you. Remove the yoke that binds people; to share food with the hungry and to give clothes to those who need them,” Nalumango said.

    “Who has reconciled the country since 2016? Have you seen any reconciliation? What good is fasting and prayer if you keep on fighting and quarreling all the time? Take Mucheleka out of prison then we can talk about praying,” she demanded.

    She said for a long time she had pleaded with PF that there was need for dialogue in the country but only receives a Judah’s kiss

    Nalumango said it was regrettable that the PF was abusing the true essense of prayer, fasting and reconciliation by allowing it’s members to continue cyphoning and looting public resources.

    ┬ęKalemba October 13, 2020


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