Families come first for Tayali but that still didn’t stop him from committing adultery


CHILUFYA Tayali has coffessed to having committed adultery while married to his current Ethiopian wife Tsega.

In a Facebook posting this afternoon, the Economic and Equity Party leader said he was forced to bed with another woman after differences with his wife.

“So the story started on one fateful weekend when I entered into an argument with my wife over money issues, such that it led to her throwing her wedding rings at me. This has happened countless times, even on flimsy arguments,” Tayali wrote.

He explained that Tsega’s actions really got him as he picked the rings such that and never wanted to put them back on her again.

“On Monday I went for work and encountered a very beautiful, smart and intelligent young lady. She attended to my issues very well and she was very polite,” he wrote.

Tayali further wrote; “Since the issue I sort needed more than a day, we engaged in some text messages as the work progressed.

I was really fascinated by this lady’s dedication to work and good mannerisms, especially she had such good looks and elegant.

The work was meticulously done and I was very impressed. As per my culture, I like to appreciate people when they do good, so I did the same to her.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we ended up dating while my wife kept on ignoring me or nagging me for everything, such that I always looked forward to talking or meeting the other lady.

I would say the feeling was mutual such that, we didn’t take long to find ourselves in bed.”

Tayali said his wife has learned of his adulterous affair but decided to go public because there was a person who was trying to blackmail him.

“This is my story and I am sorry I failed my wife, my children and the rest of you who see me as a model. I am really sorry and I ask for your forgiveness and prayers. I insist I take full responsibility,” wrote Tayali.

┬ęKalemba September 15, 2020


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