Kampyongo drags wife to court over strange underwear


A 34-YEAR-OLD bricklayer of Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound no longer wants to be married to his wife after finding her with what he believes is another man’s underwear.

Moses Kampyongo has sued his 28-year-old wife, Maureen Sibanda in the Kanyama Local Court seeking divorce.

The two got married in 2018 and have one child but according to court documents, problems in their marriage began in late 2019 when Kampyongo started getting building contracts outside Lusaka.

Kampyongo told the court during a hearing yesterday, that his wife who is also marketeer in Lusaka’s Garden Compound started to cheat on him whenever he traveled out.

He testified that in the beginning, Sibanda was a decent Jehovah’s Witness and was a virgin when he married her.

Kampyongo said he started noticing the unusual behavior of his wife when he had gone to work from Kafue and his cousin called him informing him that there was a strange man in his house.

“I have been to school not with a degree or masters but I understand how things work and I know my own underwear and what I found was not mine, my wife has been unfaithful, and for that I want this marriage over because it’s hard for me to focus knowing my wife is doing something stupid,” Kampyongo told the court.

He said besides the underwear he found, his wife’s private parts didn’t feel the same.

“I don’t want to disrespect my wife but besides the underwear my wife is not the same down there she feels oversize and this is hurting my confidence as a man,” said Kampyongo.

In her defense Sibanda said her she was hurt to hear a man she loved level such serious and false accusations against her.

Sibanda said all she had for Kampyongo was love, respect and encouragement.

She said for the last three months, Kampyongo had not been buying food forcing her and the child to eat from her parents because her business is still small.

She told the court that from the time Kampyongo started to work from outside Lusaka, he had become unfaithful.

“At some point, I found messages from his girlfriends in his phone and when I queried him about them he beat me until my eye swelled and stopped seeing,” testified Sibanda.

Sibanda added that she has been honest to her husband since the day she met him and that the issue of her private parts being loose was when she was from giving birth.

After hearing bthe testomonies of the couple,  Magistrate Michelo refused to grant divorce to Kampyongo because he had no witness and no evidence to support his claims.

Magistrate Michelo encouraged the couple to reconcile and has advised Sibanda to report he husband to the Victime Support Unit if he ever beat her again.

©Kalemba September 8, 2020


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