Chambishi man burns girlfriend after she refused to lend him money


A MAN of Chambishi on the Copperbelt has poured hot cooking oil on his girlfriend after she refused to lend him money, leaving her with a severe burns.

37-year-old Diana Manda, the victim is currently admitted to the rat-infested Kitwe Central Hospital while her boyfriend Oswald Sikanyika is said to be on the loose.

Diana told #Kalemba that before the incident, her boyfriend had always threatened to disfigure her face so that no one else could notice her beauty.

She said on the fateful day of August 18 when Sikanyika poured the burning oil on her, he had asked her to lend him some money from her place of work but she refused after which a quarrel arose.

“He wanted to borrow money which belongs to my place of work but I refused to give him saying what if they need it tomorrow,” Diana narrated.

Diana said after the argument in the evening and her boyfriend retired to bed.

She said the following day, Sikanyika woke up early in the morning, lit the brazier and heated cooking oil which he poured on her while she was sleeping burning her face and parts of her upper body.

Sikanyika then fled and Diana’s family he has still not been arrested despite the matter being reported to Chambishi Police Station the same day it happened.

“The suspect has been seen in the streets while our person is here in hospital. Police should arrest the suspect and ensure that justice is done,” Diana’s elder Sister, Prisca demanded.

©Kalemba August 25, 2020


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