RCZ demands apology from ZNBC for saying the church supports Bill 10


THE Reformed Church of Zambia has demanded that the Zambia National Broadcasting (ZNBC) apologises for accusing it of supporting Bill 10.

According to a letter addressed to ZNBC Director General, the church had not issued any statement in support of Bill 10.

“The position of the church has always remained consistent. The position issued during the process leading to Bill 10 remains the the position of the church even now,” read part of the letter signed by RCZ Synod Moderator and copied to Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA).

According to the letter, ZNBC carried a story yesterday quoting a person purporting to represent the church say the RCZ had thrown it weight behind Bill 10.

“The church has not issued any statement as the Church’s structure only allows the Synod Moderator to speak on behalf of the Church,” further read letter.

“In view of the above, we demand that ZNBC apologises to the church and immediately retract this statement,” the letter concluded.

┬ęKalemba June 29, 2020


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