Lusaka police studying protest videos, pictures


POLICE in Lusaka say they are studying the pictures and videos from the June 22 Youth Protest which happened in the bush yesterday.

This is to determine what crime youths that protested yesterday could have committed according to Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri who expressed ignorance of the protest, said the defiance of the directive by government for youths not to go ahead with the protest will be determined at a later stage.

This follows the staging of a peaceful protest by youths led by Musicians Fumba Chama popularly known as Pilato and Brian Bwembya aka B-Flow in Lusaka yesterday.

Phiri has been quoted by Radio Phoenix saying it was too early to determine what crime the youths may have committed, or whether they would be pursued as a determination yet to be made.

┬ęKalemba June 23, 2020


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