Namwala mother drowns with her 4 children


A 36-YEAR-OLD woman of Mwanabene fishing camp in Namwala District has drowned in a stream along with her four children.

The youngest of the children was aged was aged months while the oldest was 12 years old.

The other two were aged 7 and two years old respectively.

Police acting spokesperson Danny Mwale has confirmed the death of the death of the five which was reported by Hope Ngulale, the husband and father of the accident victims.

Mwale identified the mother as Mercy Mulako and her as Sarah Ngulale 12, Mildred Ngulale aged 7, Maureen Ngulale aged 2 and Hope Ngulale aged 8 months.

He said they died when the boat they were travelling in capsized and sunk in Chitili stream, a tributary of Kafue River.

“The incident occurred on June 18, 2020 around 12:00 hours when the occupants were travelling from Shakapepe Fishing Camp to Mwanabene Fishing Camp when a strong wave hit the boat causing the engine to be disconnected,” Mwale told #Kalemba in a statement.

He said all the bodies had been retrieved and were now awaiting burial.

┬ęKalemba June 20 2020


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