Send away all those without masks, Kaunda Square councilor tells market authorities


A COUNCILOR in Lusaka’s Munali Constituency has told market authorities in his ward not to allow anyone without a face mask entry into the trading facility.

Sylvester Mulenga, PF councilor for Kaunda Square Ward 33 under Munali Constituency also urged shoppers not to allow traders without masks to serve them.

Mulenga said this as he and other ruling party officials distributed party branded facemasks in Lusaka in the drive to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

The group donated over 5000 facemasks to traders and other members of the public in Kaunda Square stage One and Two Markets.

They also installed a water tank in Stage Two Market.

Munali constituency PF Lusaka District Chairman Forbes Mufwaya said the party’s distribution of facemasks was not a campaign gimmick.

Mufwaya parried away accusations that the distribution of the PF branded facemasks was a ploy to hoodwink citizens to vote for the party in 2021.

He said that the party had to use party campaign chitenge wrappers that are in stock to make facemasks to safeguard citizens against the raging COVID-19.

By Tito Kalama ©Kalemba May 9, 2020


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