Prophet admits “chewing” follower’s money

Zambia - Prophet Evaristo Siazwela of Holy Chapel Pentecostal Ministries

HOLY Chapel Pentecostal Church overseer Everisto Siazwela has admitted having gotten his follower’s K122, 646 but says he did not squander it intentionally.

On Wednesday, prophet Siazwela was reported to Lusaka Central Police by his 25-year-old ex-follower that he swindled her off her money which he got claiming it needed to be prayed for because the clergyman had seen so many battles in it.

Kerry Miti, 25 of Makeni in Lusaka is the complainant in the matter.

The Clergyman told #Kalemba that it was not true that he had said he wanted to pray for the money but asked Miti to transfer the money into his account after selling her mother’s house because he was suspicious of her brother and lawyers.

He said Miti was like his daughter and felt the need to help her secure the money through his account because she did not have a bank account of her own.

Siazwela said he advised Miti to buy a house or plot upon which she asked him to help buy the plot.

“After I got her plot, she refused it and said she wanted her money back. So I told her I would give her back after I sell the plot,” he explained.

Siazwela however explained that a marital dispute and bitter divorce with his ex wife is what depleted the money and rendered him incapable of paying back.

He however pleaded that Miti understands and gives him time to pay back.

Police who say they are now investigating the matter told #Kalemba that the said theft happened last year, on March 15.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said the actual complaint received is that Miti was swindled off K122,646 by prophet Everisto Siazwela a church leader of Holy Chapel Pentecostal, a church she worship from.

Katongo explained that the complainant and her step brother sold a house at K300,000 which their parents left behind at the time of their death.

“They shared among themselves with one dependent who was also the beneficiary. When they shared the money she got K122,646=62.The following day she was approached by the prophet who told her that God had spoken to him that he saw the lawyer and her brother planning to deprive her and that it would be better for her to give her money to him so that he could keep for her. It further alleged that the prophet told her that he could see many battles which he wanted to pray for her money before she could use the money,” Katongo told #Kalemba.

“Having trust in him she instructed her lawyer to transfer her share into the account of prophet. The complainant had a plan to build. Every time she asked the prophet her money he would give excuses,” Katongo explained further.

Katongo said in March this year, the complainant demanded for her money but the prophet started avoiding her and even went to the extent of avoiding her calls and threatening her that if she bothered him too much, he would curse her and she would die.

“Investigations under way,” revealed Katongo.

©Kalemba May 8, 2020


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