BREAKING: High Court upholds Kapoko’s conviction but reduces sentence

FILE PICTURE: Former Ministry of Health human resource manager Henry Kapoko(l) with his lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube

FORMER human resource of the Ministry of health Henry Kapoko will now have to spend nine years in prison instead of 18 following a High Court ruling which upheld his conviction but reduced his punishment.

Kapoko and two others were convicted by the and sentenced to nine years in prison to run consecutively for theft by public servant to run concurrently and not consecutively.

But the High court said the two jail terms will run at the same time, meaning they will only stay in prison for nine years.

Meanwhile Vincent Luhana and Justin Phiri who were convicted alongside Kapoko for being negligent in the execution of their duty have been acquitted of charges of theft by public servant and money laundering.

This is in a matter where Kapoko, Zukas Kaoma, Evaristo Musaba, Vincent Luhana and Justin Phiri challenged their 18-year jail term for theft by public servant on grounds that the state failed to prove the offence of theft by public servant, money laundering beyond reasonable doubt.


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