Zambian health care goes digital, thanks to Zamtel


ZAMTEL has launched a new digital health platform called Venous, an Integrated Hospital Management Digital System, designed to enable health care providers service their clients electronically.

Venous, which was developed by Zamtel and Zcom Systems Limited is a customized platform which provides a secure integrated digital solution to enhance operational efficiencies for health care providers.

The Platform allows for automated record management and improved clinical decisions and facilitates quick and coordinated patient care.

Other key benefits for Venous is that it significantly helps to cut drug thefts and provides for the generation of real time analytics that give hospital authorities necessary statistics for ease of management and decision making.

The use of Venous helps to reduce the physical interaction between patients and medical personnel as it also comes with a Mobile Application with features to enable patients make appointments, change Hospital appointments and receive notifications of Hospital appointment dates.

Venous was launched with a live demonstration Lusaka’s Fairview Hospital at a ceremony officiated by Minister of Health Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta commented, “Venous will drastically transform the way in which health care services are delivered in this country and the region. Using cutting edge technologies, we have built a platform that responds to the needs of the patients of today but is also future-ready.”

He added, “We have successfully piloted the platform at Fairview Hospital and the outcomes have been excellent. Venous is customized for both private and government health facilities including external Pharmacies and Laboratories.”

And Dr Chilufya commended Zamtel for responding to government’s call for smart solutions towards health care provision in Zambia.

“Venous fits well with the aspirations contained in the Zambia National Health Strategic Plan that places the use of Information and Communications Technology at the center of our health systems strengthening agenda. We commend Zamtel for leading the way in embracing digital health.”

Meanwhile, Fairview Hospital Medical Director Dr Abdallah Barakat remarked that integration of Venous into their administrative processes has resulted in increased efficiency at the hospital.

Dr. Barakat noted that the launch of platforms such as Venous are critical as they help improve the quality of life for Zambians adding that the health sector has over the last five years seen major improvements with different players entering the market to offer different services.

“Investors also look at quality of health systems in the country before making investment decisions. Developments such as the launch of Venous are particularly encouraging to existing healthcare providers as they challenge us to keep improving our services which ultimately benefit the Zambian people,” he said.


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