Solwezi business man recounts accident ordeal, thanks God for survival


32-YEAR-OLD Solwezi businessman Derrick Ikhlass Kaumba is a survivor from the Power Tools bus which plunged into Kabompo River this morning killing four people.

Kaumba was the 19th passenger on the ill-fated bus from Manyinga District in Northwestern Province as he traveled to Solwezi to buy stock for his shop in Kapombo.

As the bus approached Kabompo River, it began to lose control.

As driver Christopher Mulenga tried his best to avoid the accident, Kaumba had started to say his last prayers. He didn’t think he would survive the accident.

Everything seemed to happen so fast and before long, the bus had fallen of the bridge and plunged in the river resulting into death of the driver and three other passengers.

Kaumba survived the accident with slight bruises on his hands. He and 14 other passengers were then rushed to Kapompo General Hospital.

“The bus was cruising at a very high speed and when we reached Mundanya area in Mayinga district as we were about to cross the Kapombo River the driver failed to negotiate the curve and the bus lost control almost got into Kabompo River,” Kaumba narrated after being discharged this evening.

Kaumba reveals that it was a frightening experience but happy to survived.

“There is nothing so special about me and I can’t say I am the most clever person than those that died it’s just God Almighty that saved me,” he said.

From the accident, Kaumba says although he still can’t believe he survived, he has realised how fragile life is.

“I still can’t believe am alive when the people I was with are no more.”

Kaumba, a Muslim by faith believes God spared his life to teach him a lesson and also grant him a second chance of repentance.

By Issa Mwape ┬ęKalemba May 2, 2020


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